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We know that the International Wine & Spirit Competition is the best in the industry, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Here you can watch and read testimonials from previous medal and trophy winners to find out how receiving an award from the International Wine & Spirit Competition has helped businesses from all over the world grow and rise above their competitors. Ridgeview, Takapoto Estate, Beronia, Adnams and Vivino are just some of the companies that say they have benefited from working with the IWSC.


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"When I got the call that we had won the competition, we didn't really yet understand what would happen. After the news was published, we got a great story lead for a PR push and the response from gin drinkers in Finland and much farther beyond was fantastic. Our sales over the subsequent years have grown over five fold and now we're looking to rack up even more wins when we start releasing our rye whiskies." Miika Lipiäinen CEO, Kyro Distillery

Prix remporté(s): Multiple awards in 2019

"It's one of the most prestigious awards that we've ever won and we're the first English winery to have ever won this award so we're shocked, stunned but absolutely delighted." Tamara Roberts CEO, Ridgeview Wine Estate

Prix remporté(s): Winemaker of the Year 2018

"I've never had a lifetime achievement award before and, although it sounds horribly final, and I have no intention of hanging up my laptop anytime soon, I am immensely honoured." Jancis Robinson Founder,

Prix remporté(s): Lifetime Achievement Award 2018

"It's fantastic to win an award like this because it's for communication, and at the end of the day that's what I do, it's what I've always done. I think communication is so important for wine because we have to tell the story behind wines to get consumers to appreciate, understand and to get really involved with wine." Tom Cannavan Founder, Wine Pages

Prix remporté(s): Wine Communicator of the Year 2018

"The IWSC is something that I've worked around and respected for a long time, so it's a real privilege to see the IWSC recognising what we do." Tom Sandham Co-founder, Thinking Drinkers

Prix remporté(s): Spirit Communicator of the Year 2018

"It means everything to us. We're a new brand. The idea that we came up with was we wanted to create just a great wine. A wine that we're proud of as a group, and I think this year's really solidified that and we're just so proud to be here [at the IWSC Annual Awards Banquet 2018]." Andy Anderson Winemaker, Takapoto Estate

Prix remporté(s): New Zealand Wine Producer of the Year 2018

"It's fantastic [to win an IWSC award], because you know that you're up against so many fantastic producers in the market in the UK. This is a showcase for all the best wines in the world, so to be singled out as a producer of the year in any category is absolutely astonishing." Alison Easton Head of Marketing, Beronia - Gonzalez Byass

Prix remporté(s): Spanish Wine Producer of the Year 2018

"The awards help us to get great focus in the sales team and the marketing team, to get our message out there about making great spirits from grain to glass. It's a journey we've been on now for eight years and we're delighted every time we win another award for the quality of our products." Jonathan Adnams Chairman, Adnams Copper House Distillery

Prix remporté(s): Vodka Producer of the Year 2018

"The IWSC will definitely help grow our business going forward, it's an internationally recognised competition, it's got all our well-respected competitors in it and it's truly an honour for us to be recognised in this way." Christian Seale R L Seale and Company

Prix remporté(s): Rum Producer of the Year 2018

"IWSC awards are obviously treated extremely seriously by the industry, very very prestigious so winning something like this is a tremendous boost for our business." David Croll Founding Partner, Kyoto Distillery

Prix remporté(s): International Gin Producer of the Year 2018

"Vivino is one of the biggest innovators in the current wine industry, and the IWSC is a prestigious wine awards, so it felt like a natural fit that we should award wineries that go above and beyond." Paul Jones UK Country Manager, Vivino

Prix remporté(s): Sponsor - Winery Innovator of the Year