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Promoting your awards

Make your award part of your brand's marketing strategy

Winning an IWSC award is just the first step. Next, you’ll want to shout it from the rooftops – and Twitter, Instagram and every other channel available – to promote it to your customers. And we can help – take a look at all the resources we provide…

What we do to promote your drinks

Marketing resources available to award-winning producers

Digital artwork

Add the IWSC medal to all your marketing collateral (social media posts, websites, emails, adverts, packaging, etc.) to show both trade and consumers that your drink is one of the best in the world. You can download standard resolution medal artwork for free or purchase high res versions online (£125).


Our medal stickers will make your bottle stand out on a crowded shelf and can influence customers' buying decisions. Spirits awarded a gold or silver have the option to use our standard medals or stickers that detail their individual score. There are 1,000 stickers per roll.

Sticker pricing:

  • 1-10 rolls = £62.00 per roll
  • 11-25 rolls = £53.00 per roll
  • 26-49 rolls = £43.00 per roll
  • 50-99 rolls = £37.00 per roll
  • 100+ rolls = £31.00 per roll


We’ll send all medal holders their official certificate, if requested at the time of entering, but you can also download them from our website for free. And, of course, you’ll want to frame your award and display it at trade and consumer events, as well as in your tasting room for all to see.

Tasting notes

Every award-winning drink comes with our official tasting note. We recommend using these comments in all your promotions, marketing activities, on your website, at consumer and trade events, and on shelves, to boost the standing of you drink.

Marketing assets

Every winner receives a toolkit filled with free marketing assets, from social media posts and website banners, to email signatures. Why not create bottle tags to show consumers that you're an IWSC award winner?

What else can you do to promote your drinks awards?

  • Give retailers, importers and distributors access to the IWSC toolkit. This will help them create engaging point of sale materials to draw in customers
  • Publish an article or blog post on your website
  • Shout about your win on social media. Be sure to include your medal artwork and tag @theiwsc so we can respond
  • Send us a cocktail recipe that features your drink – we will share it to our global following on social media

Collaborate with us

If you have any questions on how best to promote your award or if you are interested in working together, please get in touch by emailing or dropping us a note on social media.