Shipping samples

You have three shipping options

1. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Use the dropdown menu to find your local participating depot. More info below

2. UK distributor

If you have a UK distributor, you can send us your samples from there

3. Independent

You are welcome to make your own shipping arrangements. Please note you will be responsible for all costs, taxes and duties

How many samples do I need to send?

We need two samples of low/no and alternative drink entries that are 75cl. For cans we ask for six samples.

We ask for two bottles/six cans so that we can promote top-rated drinks at trade and consumer events throughout the year. In addition, if your drink is put forward for a trophy, we will use one of the extra bottles/cans in these judging sessions.

Please contact - - if you have any queries about the number of samples you need to send.

Delivery address - Low/no alcohol and alternative drinks

IWSC c/o Sensible Wine Services
Unit 10 Dana Trading Estate
Transfesa Road
Paddock Wood
TN12 6UT

Important notice: Non-UK producers are required to include a commercial invoice on the outside of the case that includes the information below.

Click here to download our invoice template

  • Supplier EORI number (your EORI number) and Receiver EORI number (our EORI Number - GB853914212000)
  • Number of bottles
  • Type of drink
  • Bottle size
  • ABV%
  • Value: shown as EUR 1.00 or USD 1.00 per bottle (this is for customs purposes only)
  • Reason for export: samples for tasting
All duty and VAT must be paid by the sender and IWSC will not accept any duty charges.
All samples must be delivered duty paid (DDP). Please select 'Shipper accepts all charges' and ensure your courier account number is on the documentation provided by your courier.

About the group shipping offer - no longer available

Many entrants will be able to save money by making use of our group shipping offer, which you can select during the entry process. Use the dropdown menu above to see if you have a local participating Hellmann office. Then simply ship your samples to the address listed and Helmann will deliver the bottles to us.

Pricing: £85 per entry

Make sure you have checked our entry and shipping deadlines beforehand and you must contact Hellmann Beverage Logistics prior to sending your samples. Please include your company name clearly on the box.

If you have any questions about the group shipping offer, please get in touch by emailing

Bottle collection

We sometimes collect samples from international trade shows and events, to save you shipping costs. This costs £60.

This page will be updated when we have details of our next bottle collection offer.