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IWSC Market Insight: A deep dive into the ‘nolo’ category

The ‘nolo’ sector has come a long way since Ben Branson launched Seedlip in 2015. Lucy Shaw takes a deep dive into the category to sniff out the latest trends, see where it’s headed, and find out whether functionality will be key to its continued success.


IWSC Market Insight: social media marketing

Hannah Milnes, wine communicator @the.british.bouchon and founder of Bouchon Media - a company offering industry-relevant insight to improve wine brands’ social media accounts - shares her tips for how wine brands can navigate the intricacies of social media.

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IWSC Market Insight: the Chinese wine market

Discover how to break into the Chinese wine market. Natalie Wang, founder of, takes a deep dive into the Chinese wine market, from the most popular wines, to e-commerce sites leading the way, right through to how to connect with your Chinese customers.

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IWSC Business Insight: How to get your wine listed on airlines

Kelly Stevenson, former Global Wine and Beverages Manager for British Airways, now Director of JetVine, shares her tips on airline wines - what to serve, how to serve it, and the best ways to secure those sought-after listing.

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IWSC Business Insight: Berkmann Wine Cellars

Founded in 1964, Berkmann Wine Cellars is the largest family-owned and family-run wine importer in the UK. Purchasing director and member of the IWSC Wine Judging Committee Alex Hunt MW gives the lowdown on how Berkmann got to where they are now, the wine supplier to the UK's leading restaurants and retailers.

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IWSC Business Insight: Origin Wine

Origin Wine, founded by Swiss winemaker Bernard Fontannaz in 2002, describes itself as “a one-stop service for the wine industry”. Discover how Origin Wine established itself as one of the top exporters from South Africa. 

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IWSC Market Insight: the Russian wine market

There are reasons Russia isn’t the world’s biggest wine market, and they’re mainly political and economic. But as Russians re-discover their love of wine, we examine how the Russian wine market works, and how you can break into it.

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IWSC Business Insight: Liberty Wines

Liberty Wines is one of the UK’s most dynamic distributors, find out how they have retained some 80% of the producers they have been listing from the very start, back in 1997.

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