Hamada Syuzou awarded IWSC’s 2023 Shochu Producer Trophy

Spirit news

Thu 19 Oct 2023

By Kristen Dougall

We’re delighted to award Hamada Syuzou the IWSC 2023 Shochu Producer Trophy.

In the Kagoshima prefecture, Hamada Syuzou has been perfecting its shochu since the distillery's inception in 1868. Fast-forward to now, and the company operates across three different distilleries within close distance, each one mastering a different style of the Japanese spirit.

To mark the company's 150th year, they released its Daiyame range, our judges were impressed by the quality of its Daiyame 40, with it awarded a gold medal, and 98 points, judges praised the "engagingly crafted bouquet of aromas, with floral orange flower, lychee and kiwi leading on the nose. Rich and crisp with an enticing depth of complexity on the palate, infusing a sweetness of tropical fruits into an expertly balanced finale." However, it wasn't just our judges that saw the protential of the range, the spirits industry around the world did too, with exports of the drink increasing by over 600% since its launch in 2018.

The judges also commended Hamada's committment to sustainability. In 2015, Hamada Syuzou launched the first environmentally friendly 'pouch pack' products in the shochu industry in Japan, which are easy to carry, store and dispose of in waste, creating a new container revolution in the industry.

Our judges commented that Hamada, for a company making spirits with such a lot of history, they are very foward looking. They are incredibly proud of what they do. Hamada Syuzou is motivated to engage in the preservation of the shochu, not only as a spirt product, but also as a cultural phenomenon. 

Congratulations to Hamada Syuzou.