Podrum Palić 1896 awarded IWSC’s 2023 Fruit Spirits Producer Trophy

Spirit news

Thu 19 Oct 2023

By Kristen Dougall

We’re delighted to award Podrum Palić 1896 the IWSC 2023 Fruit Spirits Producer Trophy.

Podrum Palić was established in 1896 in Serbia. During its long history, it has been known as a cellar and distillery with popular wines and spirits. The brand has taken great lengths to maintain its heritage but at the same time modernise the fruit brandy category. Our judges were mightily impressed by Podrum Palić’s spirits, but also its company’s ethos. Their slogan “A Stamp of Age” (Trag jednog doba) - preserves the heritage, quality, and tradition but illustrates change.

Palić submitted an impassioned application, stating that “Winning the Fruit Spirits Producer of the Year award would not only validate the distillery's dedication to producing exceptional fruit brandies but also enhance our brand reputation, market visibility, and consumer trust.”

The brand has taken great lengths to educate and engage with its consumers. Through their various channels they share a wealth of knowledge, but also express the importance of understanding their customers' needs and desires to help shape their offerings and build brand loyalty.

“It all starts in our orchards, where we grow our own healthy fruits on 20 hectares of modern plantations.” The judges applauded Palić’s wide range of quality fruit spirits, namely its Baraba Lozovaca, which received a gold medal and an impressive 99 points and was selected as the winner of our coveted Marc/Pommace Brandy Trophy. Judges commented that the gold-medal winner was, "Exceedingly fruity on the nose with rounded flavours of juicy strawberries, pineapple, fresh apricots, zesty mandarins and fragrant Moscato grapes on the palate. Blessed with a generously long floral finish that just keeps on giving. Magical."

Congratulations to Podrum Palic 1896.