Worthy Park Estate awarded IWSC’s 2023 Rum Producer Trophy

Spirit news

Thu 19 Oct 2023

By Kristen Dougall

We’re delighted to award Worthy Park Estate the IWSC 2023 Rum Producer Trophy, sponsored by Reflex Label Plus.

Founded in 1670, Worthy Park is Jamaica’s last and only remaining single-estate producer, as well as the only Jamaican rum distillery that uses only Jamaican molasses and only molasses that they produce themselves and is the largest sugar producer on island. They remain family owned, independently owned, and most importantly to the brand, Jamaican owned.

Our judges were very impressed with the innovation being carried out in the distillery, from bringing in wine barrels to implement secondary ageing, to maintaining a close relationship with the on-trade. Worthy Park really demonstrated how they listen to what the market needs and aim to fill the gaps. By working with bartenders, the distillery was able to launch two rums that met the demands of what the bars were missing. One of these rums is Worthy Park 109 Proof, which is a ‘dark overproof’ pot still rum, that our judges awarded a gold medal and 96 points, stating it was “a dense and complex rum, packed full of treacle and dark chocolate flavours with well-balanced soft oak tannins and some savoury leather notes on the very long and textured finish.”

Worthy Park's commitment to social responsibility was commended by our judges. Their sustainability efforts were applauded, the company didn’t just use their efforts as a way to tick a box, but because it makes sense from a production and efficiency standpoint. They have two deep wells and an aqueduct that was built in the 1700s which carry water into the production facilities. All of the bagasse from sugar crushing is used to create electricity which powers the majority of the offices, buildings and housing on site. Their commitment to their workers was praised by our judges, a lot of their employees (from Senior Managers down to agricultural workers) have housing provided, free of cost, from Worthy Park, including their families. Their family ethos extends to their employees with a lot of generational families that work there too.

Worthy Park included on their application form, “We are a big part of the community and we’re committed to not only building our business but building up the lives of those around us.” This strong sense of commitment and community made Worthy Park our worthy winners, no pun intended.

Congratulations to Worthy Park Estate.