IWSC unveils the 2021 wine and spirit design and packaging winners

IWSC news

Wed 20 Oct 2021

By Gemma Duncan

For many consumers selecting a bottle, they are led by how the product looks to drive their purchasing decision. How a bottle looks can be just as important to some people as how the liquid tastes.

As the judging for our IWSC wine and spirits awards takes place blind, with our judges never seeing the physical bottles they are tasting, each year the IWSC hosts a separate competition for producers who want to show off their packaging.

This year's design and packaging judges included Aline Nienaber, Creative Director at Hill & Sky and Bryan Rodriguez, buyer at Harvey Nichols. The results of this year’s competition are listed below and congratulations to our winners.

The Wine Artwork and Bottle Design Awards

WINNER: Symington Family Estates - Cockburn's Tails Of The Unexpected

Judges’ comments: “The Cockburns Port trio won this award and well deserved too. Port needs a revival, a way to attract a younger consumer and we felt these Cockburns bottles were doing this in the right way. The labels on these three bottles are outstanding. We loved how the different designs on each relate to the liquid inside and its flavour profile. We also adored the little Rooster mascot who is dressed differently with each label, again representing the style of liquid in the bottle. The back label has a recipe for use of the port in a cocktail. The level of detail on the labels is wonderful, fun and very playful and the bottle itself is unique. The design is reminiscent of a cocktail shaker and the glass has a nice grip and feel to it. A very well made and thought through product.”


  • Foss Marai - Della Vite Extra Dry NV
  • Alvento Winery - West Wind 2019
  • Alvento Winery - East Wind 2019


The Spirits Artwork and Bottle Design Awards

WINNER: Nc'nean Distillery - Organic Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Judges’ comments: "With this label, Nc’nean has created a small art - to be able to print ceramic paints straight onto the bottle is not an easy task, particularly to get that level of detail. The whole look takes you back to the Scottish Highlands, enjoying a walk near a stream with heather at your feet.

Everything about this bottle feels high quality, from the glass to the wooden stopper and the printing on the bottle. It’s the sort of bottle you want to keep, repurposing it once the whisky is long gone."


  • Isle of Harris Distillers Gin
  • Arcanist - Pineapple Elixir Rum


The Spirits Packaging Awards

WINNERWilliam Grant & Sons Distillers- Glenfiddich Grande Couronne 26 YO Whisky

Judges’ comments: "
The Glenfiddich Grande Couronne won this. The packaging is a piece of art in itself. The box is big, robust, beautiful and feels quite regal and ornate, almost baroque in style. The revolving door to reveal the bottle is a smart and effective tool to create a sense of arrival for the bottle and the precious liquid it contains. All that’s missing is a little speaker playing a fanfare!  The bottle is a play on the standard Glenfiddich three-point triangle in a slightly shorter but thicker bottle shape, the glass is printed with gold lettering including the Glenfiddich motif. Once removed from its snug holdings, you are treated to a wonderful piece of baroque style art which continues the feel of the bottle. The ingenuity behind this packaging and the level of detail is stunning."


  • Milkmaid's Gin Sabine Bieg- Barrel Aged Gunpowder Proof
  • Milkmaid's Gin Sabine Bieg - Markgräfler Milkmaid's Gin
  • The Shed Distillery of PJ Rigney- Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin