IWSC unveils the winners of the Limited edition, Redesign / rebrand and Traditional design categories for its 2022 Design Awards

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Wed 31 Aug 2022

Following the recent judging of our 2022 Design Awards, the IWSC is delighted to share the winners of this year’s awards, as well as the designs which were highly commended by our panel of judges.

This year, these awards were sponsored by Absolute. Helen Stephens from Absolute joined our judging panel, together with Danielle Jack, Product Development Manager at Tesco, James Fleming, Creative Director at Gigantic Creative, and Enrique Gomez, Group Bar Manager for Sticks 'n' Sushi.

Entrants were judged from across six categories:

  • Contemporary design
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Gift pack
  • Limited edition
  • Redesign/rebrand
  • Traditional design
Discover the winners and highly commended entrants for our Limited edition, Redesign/rebrand and Traditional design categories below.

You can view the winners of our Contemporary Design, Eco-friendly packaging, and Gift pack categories here.

Limited edition

Winner: Anís del Mono Liqueur

Our judges felt that this was really taking a departure from its traditional design taking a creative, brave, and bold move and doing it so well. The designers have done something incredibly effective moving the design from the traditional to something very special. They’ve really elevated it and given it heart and our judges loved it.

Highly commended: Carota Vulgaris

Who on earth would turn a cork into a carrot. This one really made all our judges laugh – it’s fun, it’s beautifully designed. All our judges wanted to take it home. It’s something that could have been done very badly but it hasn’t been. A very special release!



While some of the Design Award categories required a lot of discussion around the type of product design the judges were looking for, the redesign/rebrand category was one that required no such clarification.

Selecting their favourites from amongst the entrants, the judges then reviewed them against the previous label designs to help decide which bottles deserved the accolades for this category.

Winner: The Mill Keeper Multi Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon & The Mill Keeper Multi Vintage Chardonnay

Our judges felt the redesign on the pair of Mill Keeper labels was “masterful” really highlighting the essence of the brand. They felt the new label design was incredibly impactful, creating a real sense of heritage. They appreciated the slightly handmade feel of the design and this, together with the typography, created a nicely balanced label. The lack of capsules on the bottle was also noted and praised and the moody colours of the design really helped tell the story behind the bottle.

Highly commended: Champagne Telmont, Brut Reserve NV

For a champagne brand, this redesigned label really pushes was what would usually be expected from the category. Pushing the boundaries of what is usually expected of Champagne labels, moving away from the usual marketing and design. Very confident and very different from its original design and really supplying a good level of information on the front label.

Highly commended: TakamakaOverproof Rum

While one winner was selected, the whole Takamaka range was praised for providing great shelf presence. The Overproof Rum design was the favourite from amongst the Takamka entrants, with the colours of the design exhibiting a sense of tropical holidays combined with traditional design queues you would expect from the premium spirits category. Eye catching yet restrained – a strong bottle design.


Traditional design

Our judges struggled a while deciding what to select to shortlist in this category. Because so much contemporary design now is taking influence from the history and provenance of where they’re from or the product. They agreed they wanted the category to showcase drinks that were packaged based on their origins.

Winner: Longxinghao Zhonglaojiu Baijiu

This bottle couldn’t come from anywhere else. It has all the elements you would expect from a bottle of Chinese spirit. A real statement bottle. Traditional with lasting value.

Highly commended: Americano

You can just imagine sitting in Italy and cracking this open. They judges loved the little illustration on the cap. This bottle brings pure joy.

Highly commended: Gokujo Izumi Ni Maihime Shochu

Again, it’s very clear where this is from. The label screams quality and heritage. There is sensitivity and elegance and it’s a joy to look at and study.


Congratulations to all our Design Award winners and highly commended entrants.

You can view the winners of our Contemporary Design, Eco-friendly packaging, and Gift pack categories here.

Thank you to Absolute for sponsoring these awards.