The IWSC brings its international cider awards to Somerset

Alternative drinks

Thu 4 May 2023

This summer, the IWSC is bringing its international awards to Somerset, South West England, to judge cider, perry, and fruit wine made from 100% juice, not from concentrate.

The 2023 competition – now in its third year – is open to all cider, perry and fruit wine makers whose products only contain freshly pressed and fermented fruit, or fruit must, using no concentrates or added water, flavourings or colourings.

The South West of England is renowned for its cider and perry, and in collaboration with Cider Is Wine, the IWSC looks forward to bringing a panel of internationally recognised judges to Somerset to taste entries submitted from all over the world.

Alistair Morrell, Founder of Cider Is Wine and panel judge, comments: "Ciders, perries, and fruit wines have a huge heritage in this country, and a massive reputation worldwide. The IWSC helps re-assert a standard for these drinks, which has almost been lost, and now allows the category to place itself at the pinnacle of drinks aspiration as they were 200 years ago!"

Christelle Guibert, CEO of the IWSC, added, "We are determined to raise awareness of this underrated 100% fresh pressed cider, perry and fruit wine, and to highlight the diversity, the versatility, and the quality this category offers to trade and consumers. We are excited to bring our experts to Somerset to judge this category."

Judging will take place on 11and 12 July at the Somerset Cider and Brandy Company. Results will be announced on Monday 17 July.

Entry is open now, and full information on how to participate can be found here. Entry closes on 7 June. The tasting is available to everyone; there's no need to be a member of Cider Is Wine to enter.*

*As well as cider created from 100% fresh pressed fruit, the IWSC welcomes entries from all cider categories.