IWSC shares results from its 2022 Cider award judging

Alternative drinks

Thu 14 Jul 2022

Releasing the results from its second annual cider judging, the IWSC is delighted to highlight the medal winners from this burgeoning category.

With 10 different cider classifications judged within the 2022 awards, including ice cider, keeved cider, bottle fermented cider, still cider and flavoured cider, 6 entrants were recognised with the IWSC’s highest accolade, a gold medal.

Awarded an IWSC gold medal for 2022 are:

  • Barrel-Aged Northern Spy Ice Cider 2018, Eden Specialty Ciders, USA
  • Gateway Cider 2019, Tinston Wines & Ciders, UK
  • Graff No. 2 NV, Cydr Chyliczki, Poland
  • Lodowa Beczka 2018, Cydr Chyliczki, Poland
  • Probsteier Deern NV, Muxaller Cider, Germany
  • Heirloom Blend Ice Cider 2018, Eden Specialty Ciders, USA

With three of the gold medal winners categorised as ice ciders, the remaining three where a bottle fermented cider, a keeved cider and a flavoured cider.

This year the IWSC received entrants from 8 countries including England, USA, Poland, Canada, Japan, Wales, Germany and Finland.

Further entrants were awarded with 5 silver medals and 17 bronze medals.


For a full list of the IWSC’s 2022 winners, visit here on our website.