Scotch Whisky Award Shortlist: Stephen Notman

Spirit news

Wed 24 Oct 2018

By Laurel Bibby

Stephen Notman is a whisky commentator, strategist, educator and promoter. Hailing from China, he has lived and worked on the mainland for 11 years, helping to develop the Scotch whisky industry within Greater China with a particular focus on consumer engagement.

Notman started out by introducing whisky festivals to both Taiwan and mainland China in 2009; over six years, the show in Taiwan became the largest in the world, attracting 15,000 visitors and kickstarting premiumisation within the single malt category. In August this year, Notman executed his eighteenth whisky show across Greater China.

He’s also responsible for launching the popular China whisky guide, which scores legally imported whiskies out of 100 and became China’s leading channel of whisky information; the platform now has 32,000 consumer followers.

More recently, Notman has worked with senior brand representatives across the industry to launch World Whisky Day in mainland China. This year, the team aligned 100 bars and 13 brands through a digital platform, driving 23,000 consumers to the venues. At its peak, 111,000 people tuned in to watch Notman conduct a livestream masterclass.

He also introduced Asia’s first ever blind whisky tasting challenge, focusing consumer attention on whisky flavour and engaging more consumers into the foreign spirits category. Over three months, some 3,000 consumers purchased the blind tasting kits.

“The IWSC Outstanding Achievement Award in Scotch Whisky is such a prestigious award. To be nominated is sincerely humbling,” Notman said.

“To win such an iconic award would not only highlight my dedication and service to grow and protect the whisky category in key strategic markets in Asia, but also raise awareness to a wider audience of the work and dedication done overseas to help grow and sustain Scotch whisky coverage.”

The winner of the Outstanding Achievement in Scotch Whisky Award will be announced at the IWSC Awards Banquet on 14 November. Like the IWSC Facebook page to tune in to the livestream on 14 November, and find out who will receive this prestigious award.