Chan’s awarded IWSC’s 2023 Baijiu Producer Trophy

Spirit news

Thu 19 Oct 2023

By Kristen Dougall

We’re delighted to award Chan’s the IWSC 2023 Baijiu Producer Trophy.

Chan’s is an ecological Sauce-flavoured Baijiu. In the 2023 IWSC Spirits Awards, Chan’s was awarded 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal. Chan’s Kai Yuan Baijiu was awarded an impressive 98 points, with our judges commenting on the “Popcorn nose with soy, sesame, grass and vanilla on the palate. There is a good complexity and layer of flavours with a hot and crisp mouthfeel. The finish is focussed, long and layered. Umami. Outstanding." However, it wasn’t just the exceptional quality of Chan’s Baijiu that impressed our judges and earned them the title of the IWSC’s 2023 Baijiu Producer Trophy, but also the brand’s commitment to their social responsibility. Chan’s actively participates in environmental protection programs and ensures that their whole production process is environmentally friendly as well as sustainable.

Chan’s is also committed to its customers. Through research and development, they are able to innovate their products, including packaging design, and continue to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

Our judges were greatly impressed by Chan’s passion for their product, but also their passion and loyalty to their customers. As a brand they want to contribute to the growth of the Baijiu industry and ensure that it has global appreciation. They are constantly evolving as a brand and ensure their customers are engaged in the brand’s innovative developments.

Congratulations to Chan’s.