Sophia Longhi announced as IWSC's 2022 Emerging Talent in Wine Communication winner

IWSC news

Wed 9 Mar 2022

By Kristen Dougall

With the role of communication in the wine industry constantly evolving, this year the IWSC created a new award to recognise a new generation of wine communicators, our Emerging Talent in Wine Communication award. These new communicators have seen the likes of print media take a backseat during a global pandemic when all ways of communicating turned to online, and they have navigated the fast-paced and instant world of social media.

Following our announcement last week of our four fantastic shortlisted candidates for this award, we are delighted to name our first winner of our Emerging Talent in Wine Communication as Sophia Longhi.

Sophia greatly impressed our judges with her unique style of writing, her ability to share with her audience her point of view about the industry and wine provided great insight and honesty. The judges were amazed by the broad body of work Sophia has amounted in such a short space of time, not relying on just one form of media to communicate her message.

Sophia was perfectly able to convey her passion through her application but also in her work, that showed real depth to every subject matter she embarks on. Our judges believe Sophia’s greatest strengthen is her inquisitiveness, she is able to create interesting content by asking great questions.

As an emerging talent, Sophia showed her commitment to the industry in her quest to advocate for women in the wine industry. Our judges admired her passion to elevate other women and inspire newcomers to the industry.

Sophia will be awarded a £2.5k educational travel bursary from the IWSC Foundation, which she intends to use to hunt for answers for her book which will look at the notion that wine is posh. By travelling to different countries, Sophia will explore how wine fits into different cultures. The IWSC would like to wish Sophia the best of luck with her future endeavours, and we look forward to enjoying a copy of her soon-to-be published book.