94% of Bartenders are stocking no/low

Alternative drinks

Wed 21 Dec 2022

The IWSC is working in partnership CROSSIP to offer the winner and shortlisted entrants for its 2023 Emerging Talent in Bartending Award the opportunity to join a mentor programme with CROSSIP founder, Carl Anthony Brown.

Carl is an industry and media renowned cocktail expert. Throughout his career he has created countless award-winning bar menus, however he has always had an interest in the world of no alcohol.

In 2020, together with Tim Blake, they founded CROSSIP, a non-alcoholic spirit.


We recently heard from Lucy Shaw that the no/low category has come a long way since the establishment of Seedlip back in 2015 and now CROSSIP has released its own industry report which celebrates the news that 88% of on-trade venues are now offering no and low alcohol alternative drinks for consumers.

Further confirming the increasing necessity of this category in the on trade, the report highlights that 94%of Bartenders are either currently stocking no/low alcohol alternatives or have plans to in the future.

To read more from CROSSIPs report, you can download it in full here.

And discover the IWSC’s Emerging Talent awards, including the Emerging Talent in Bartending award, sponsored by CROSSIP here.