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Entered byBramley and Gage Ltd

ProducerBramley and Gage Ltd


Tasting CategoryGin - Flavoured - Stone Fruits



Awards won

Gold Outstanding 2018

Gold Outstanding 2018

Judges Tasting Notes

A fine array of vibrant, plump stone fruit: from sweet cherry to tart plum and, of course, lots of damson. These notes are combined with light vanilla and an almond nuttiness. A beautifully silky gin with the perfect balance between the bright, resinous character of the gin and the complex fruit of the damson. This is a harmonious gin with a graceful texture and great interplay between its sweet and dry notes. Initial tartness of the fruit is neatly balanced by its creamy texture and followed by light notes of baking spice, before a clean and dry finish. Excellent! A textbook damson gin.