Introducing our collaboration with Bottlebooks

IWSC + Bottlebooks

Introducing a one click solution to entering our awards.

The IWSC is delighted to share news of a time saving solution. We have partnered with data platform Bottlebooks to offer wine entrants simplified and time saving entry to our awards.

Save time on your IWSC awards entry with Bottlebooks

As our awards broaden to incorporate the growing diversity of drinks available, entry into our awards had the potential to become progressively more complicated and time consuming.

But this will not be the case! The IWSC is delighted to share news of a time saving solution. We have partnered with data platform Bottlebooks to provide a one click solution for entry to our awards.

Bottlebooks was created to simplify the exchange of comprehensive drinks information in a standard format. Rather than duplicate the same information again and again to fulfil different requirements or requests, by uploading and hosting this information to Bottlebooks, it is available in a standard format to be exported directly to any producers, retailers, importers, events or awards bodies who require it.

Over 170,000 teams are already using Bottlebooks including retailers M&S and Waitrose, international events Prowein and London Wine Fair, importers Berkmann Wine Cellars, ABS and MMD and associations New Zealand Winegrowers, California Wine and WOSA.

If you are already actively using Bottlebooks, or have used it previously to export your wine data, you are now able to use the platform to enter our awards, saving you precious time in what we recognise can be a time-consuming entry process.


Q. I haven’t used Bottlebooks, how do I sign up?

A. Head to the Bottlebooks website and click 'login'. If your business already has an account, you will be able to join it and get started. If it is the first time you have used Bottlebooks you will be taken through the set-up process which can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Q. I want to enter the IWSC but don’t use Bottlebooks, can I still enter the awards?

A. Yes of course. Please enter directly via our website here.

Q. I submitted wines to a retailer/event/association/distributor/agency using Bottlebooks. Does this mean I can enter the IWSC using Bottlebooks?

A. Absolutely. If you click on the IWSC entry link, you can enter by adding your wines to the collection.

Q. Is there a cost associated with using Bottlebooks?

A. There is no cost to use Bottlebooks when submitting information to IWSC.  Bottlebooks has several paid subscriptions available for producers, importers, and retailers. More information can be found here: