International wine &
spirit competition

Estate Argyros Cuvee Monsignori Santorini 2017

Introduzido porEstate I & M Argyros O. E.

ProdutorEstate I & M Argyros O. E.


Categoria de DegustaçãoAssyritiko - Santorini OPAP - 2018-2016



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Gold 2019

Gold 2019

Notas de Degustação do Juri

Pale light golden yellow with greenish hues. The aromas take you places, firstly sea breezes, oyster shell, then the white blossom springtime aromas, followed by sunny ripe fruits, succulent lemons, peaches, melons and papaya drenched in lime juice. You are on stoney, volcanic gravel, giving the mineral thrust. All the while the citrus and briny tang flow and dart through the complex flavours and textures. A champion amongst champions.