Sara Muirhead MW




Wine Consultant

Sara Muirhead MW is a luminary in the wine industry, boasting an illustrious career spanning three decades and a profound expertise in all facets of the trade. With a Master of Wine qualification achieved in 2008, Sara's journey in wine has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a passion for exploration.

Sara's foray into the world of wine began after completing her degree in law and French law. Swiftly transitioning into the wine industry, she started her career as the French Programme Manager for Arblaster & Clarke Wine Tours, where she meticulously crafted and managed tours to prestigious wine estates across France, Germany, California, and Australia. This early immersion laid the foundation for Sara's profound understanding of wine regions around the world.

Her career trajectory continued to ascend as she delved into wine PR and marketing at Liberty Wines, ultimately rising to the esteemed position of Marketing Manager. It was during this time that Sara's affinity for Italian wines blossomed, igniting a lifelong passion for the diverse and vibrant wines of Italy.

In 2005, Sara established Wineprose, a pioneering freelance consultancy specializing in PR, marketing, and event organization for wine importers in the UK. Her visionary approach and unwavering dedication to her craft have solidified Wineprose as a trusted partner within the industry, facilitating the successful promotion and distribution of wines from around the globe.

As a Master of Wine, Sara's expertise is unparalleled. Her dissertation, focusing on the then-emerging realm of English Sparkling wines, showcased her prescient understanding of industry trends and her commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sara's contributions to the wine community extend to wine judging, leading wine schools, and conducting tasting classes. Her passion for sharing her knowledge and fostering a deeper appreciation for wine among enthusiasts underscores her role as a mentor and educator within the industry.

With a career steeped in passion, expertise, and innovation, Sara Muirhead MW continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of wine, inspiring and guiding future generations of wine professionals with her unparalleled dedication and insight.

Sara Muirhead MW