Agnieszka Swiecka


Mount St restaurant and the Audley


Head of Wine

Agnieszka Swiecka is currently the Head of Wine for Mount St restaurant and the Audley in London. This unique establishment comprises multiple concepts within one building, including Mount St fine dining restaurant, the Curious Rooms - four unique event spaces for private hire, and the Audley Public House. Agnieszka is responsible for overseeing the wine buying and wine program across all these outlets.

With a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, Agnieszka has previously served as the Head Sommelier and Wine Buyer for Michelin-starred restaurants in London, such as Pollen St Social and the Five Fields.

In 2023, Agnieszka achieved significant recognition in the field of sommelierie by winning the prestigious UK Sommelier Of The Year competition. She also received an emerging talent award the same year.

Agnieszka is currently a student pursuing the Master Sommelier qualification. She successfully passed her blind tasting and practical exams on her first attempt in 2023 and aims to complete the theory exam this year.

Throughout her career, Agnieszka has demonstrated her commitment to excellence through various accolades and achievements. Her passion for wine and dedication to her craft have earned her recognition such as winning the Taittinger UK Sommelier of the Year competition in 2023 and securing second place in 2022 on her first attempt. She was also a finalist for the Star Wine List, UK Wine List of the Year 2022, and contributed to the award-winning wine lists at establishments like Pollen Street Social.

Agnieszka's expertise and contributions have played a pivotal role in the success of renowned establishments, including Pollen Street Social, which earned a Michelin star under her management. Her journey in the world of wine continues to inspire and elevate the dining experiences of patrons in London and beyond.

Agnieszka Swiecka