Poppy De Courcy Wheeler




Wine Buyer

Poppy de Courcy-Wheeler is a seasoned professional in the world of wines, currently lending her expertise to Waitrose, one of the UK's leading supermarkets. Her journey in the wine industry began with a transformative year in Bordeaux during her French degree at the University of Bristol. Working with the Medeville family at Chateau Fayau, Poppy immersed herself in all aspects of winemaking, from translation and barrel cleaning to leading tastings and assisting in the vineyards.

Upon returning to Bristol, Poppy continued to expand her wine knowledge, participating in a wide range of tastings and earning her WSET qualifications. In 2014, she embarked on her first official role in the wine trade with Charles Taylor Wines, specializing in Burgundy. Over the years, she progressed from Assistant Buyer to Buyer to Head of Trade Sales, honing her skills and expertise along the way.

In 2017, Poppy achieved another milestone by completing her WSET Diploma, earning the Lustau Prize for her outstanding performance in the fortified exam. In 2020, she seized the opportunity to join Waitrose's esteemed buying team, where she has spent the last four years curating an exceptional selection of wines, including Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Rhône, Southern France, and Rosé.

With a passion for both work and play, Poppy balances her career in wines with an active lifestyle in the countryside, often accompanied by her lurcher, Ernie. Whether she's exploring wine regions, enjoying outdoor activities, or curating the perfect wine selection, Poppy de Courcy-Wheeler brings dedication, expertise, and a love for wine to everything she does.

Poppy De Courcy Wheeler