Lynn House


Heaven Hill Brands


National Spirits Specialist and Portfolio Mixologist

Lynn House’s journey through the realms of mixology and spirits is a testament to her passion, dedication, and expertise in the field. With a dynamic career spanning over decades, Lynn has become a prominent figure in the beverage industry, currently serving as the National Spirits Specialist and Portfolio Mixologist for Heaven Hill Brands.

Her journey began in the bustling hospitality scene, where Lynn worked her way up from a server at Attractions in Oxford, Ohio, while pursuing her BFA in Theatrical Performance at Miami University. Upon moving to Chicago, Lynn continued to hone her craft in both theater and hospitality, working at renowned venues such as Houston’s Restaurant, Lettuce Entertain You establishments, and the award-winning Blackbird Restaurant.

Lynn’s bartending career flourished, earning her numerous accolades including Mixologist of the Year by Cheeky Magazine, recognition in The Reader’s Persons of the Year, and a prestigious spot in the Dame Hall of Fame for her groundbreaking contributions to the bar industry.

In 2013, Lynn transitioned to Heaven Hill Brands, initially as the National Brand Ambassador for PAMA Liqueur. Her ascent within the company was swift, eventually leading to her current role as National Spirits Specialist and Portfolio Mixologist. In this capacity, Lynn’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of activities including brand education, seminar leadership, and participation in top industry festivals and events across the country.

Lynn’s expertise has garnered widespread recognition, with appearances in notable publications such as The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Bon Appétit. She has been honored as a top finalist for various industry awards, including Best American Brand Ambassador and Mixologist of the Year.

Beyond her professional achievements, Lynn remains committed to mentorship and community engagement. She has served as a judge for bartender competitions, participated in diversity and inclusion initiatives, and lent her expertise to various mentorship programs and global judging committees.

Lynn’s dedication to her craft is matched only by her thirst for knowledge. She has pursued advanced education in mixology through programs such as the Academy of Spirits and Fine Service and the Advanced Academy of Culinary Mixology, solidifying her position as a leading authority in the field.

With her extensive experience, unwavering passion, and commitment to excellence, Lynn House continues to make a profound impact on the world of spirits and mixology, earning her accolades such as the prestigious title of Best U.S. Brand Ambassador and American Whiskey Ambassador of the Year. Lynn’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, creativity, and a love for the craft.

Lynn House