Natalie Wang


Wine Journalist

A Hong Kong-based Chinese wine journalist, Natalie Wang was born and raised in Chongqing, China. She obtained her Master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Hong Kong, and honed her journalist skills with International Herald Tribune, Thomson Reuters, and JNA magazine.

She has worked in the wine industry since 2015, previously with American wine critic James Suckling and later with the drinks business Hong Kong.

Over the years, Wang has written at length with authority and clarity on China’s vast and complex wine market. Her insight and knowledge on the market thanks to her journalism training and previous reporting experiences on China politics have made her the most respected Chinese wine journalist today.

Her own media platform Vino Joy News, which was founded in 2019 has now grown to become the most trustworthy source for everything related to the wine industry in China, Hong Kong and rest of Asia.

Prior to Vino Joy News, Wang was the managing editor of the drinks business Hong Kong where she expanded and broadened its coverage on Asia’s wine and spirits market. Wang also contributed writings to IWSC Insight Reports, Vitisphere and Italy’s Civiltà del bere magazine. 

Aside from writing, Wang is also an avid speaker sharing her insights on China market with investment bank Credit Suisse and leading wine business forum Wine2Wine. Wang is also an associate producer for an upcoming documentary on China’s domestic wine industry called Waking the Sleeping Grape.

Natalie Wang