Alex Davies


Virgin Wines


Head of Product

Alex Davies is a seasoned wine professional with a passion for curating exceptional selections. With a remarkable tenure of 14 years at Virgin Wines, Alex has dedicated 9 years to honing his skills as a wine buyer. His journey into the world of wine was fortified by his completion of the prestigious WSET Diploma in 2019, setting the stage for further accomplishments.

In pursuit of excellence, Alex pursued a winemaking qualification from Plumpton College in Sussex, enriching his understanding of the craft and deepening his expertise. His buying focus centers on Europe, where he meticulously manages the categories of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, and Germany.

At the heart of Alex's role at Virgin Wines lies the art of tasting and blending at the source. With a keen palate and discerning eye, he seeks out the finest wines, ensuring that each selection meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Additionally, Alex plays a pivotal role in new label design and creation, adding an artistic touch to Virgin's wine offerings.

Alex's dedication to his craft and his commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to customers are evident in every aspect of his work. Whether he's exploring vineyards, tasting new vintages, or crafting unique blends, Alex Davies continues to elevate the world of wine at Virgin Wines with his expertise and passion.

Alex Davies