Xenia Ruscombe-King MW


Waitrose Cellar


Wine Buyer

Xenia Ruscombe-King stands as a seasoned figure in the world of wine, bringing over 15 years of experience in the retail industry to her current role as the buyer for Waitrose Cellar, the specialized online wine shop of Waitrose & Partners. Her journey with Waitrose spans more than a decade, where she has curated a diverse selection of wines and, in addition, oversees the procurement of Port, Sherry, Sweet Wine, and Vermouth for Waitrose shops.

Xenia's entry into the wine industry was marked by a significant achievement—earning the prestigious title of Master of Wine in 2003. Her research project, which delved into the organic control of the Glassy Winged Sharpshooter in California, showcased her expertise and a keen interest in exploring niche aspects of the wine world. This accomplishment is a testament to her commitment to continuous learning and a deep understanding of the intricacies of viticulture.

With a passion for demystifying wine, Xenia is dedicated to making the world of wine more accessible to a broader audience. Her approach involves breaking down barriers and encouraging exploration, allowing more people to appreciate the wonders of the grape. This commitment extends into various facets of her professional life, from judging and wine writing to corporate entertainment, retailing, and the art of wine buying.

Xenia's extensive background encompasses roles that span back to the last century, providing her with a unique perspective on the evolution of the wine industry and retail landscape. Her multifaceted experience has equipped her with a nuanced understanding of the diverse facets of the wine business.

Beyond her role as a wine expert, Xenia leads a rich and varied life. A passionate sailor, fly fisherman, and cook, she finds joy in both the serene moments on the water and the creative process of crafting delicious meals. A voracious reader, she continues to explore and expand her knowledge across various subjects, adding depth to her character and enhancing her ability to connect with people on different levels.

Xenia Ruscombe-King's journey in the world of wine is not just a professional endeavour; it's a reflection of a deep-seated passion and an ongoing commitment to sharing the joy of wine with others. Her diverse experiences, both within and outside the wine industry, contribute to the richness of her persona and underscore her status as a respected figure in the field.

Xenia Ruscombe-King MW