Mariam Khomasuridze


Georgian Technical University


Professor of Oenology & Vticulture

Mariam Khomasuridze is a distinguished Oenologist and a leading authority in the field of Enology and Viticulture. Holding a Ph.D. in the science of winemaking, she currently serves as a Professor at the Department of Viticulture and Enology at the Georgian Technical University.

With a passion for the art and science of winemaking, Mariam has made significant contributions to the field. Her expertise extends to her role as a Wine Taster and Commission Member for the Permanent Wine Tasting Commission of the National Wine Agency of Georgia. She is also actively involved with the Georgian Wine Guild, where she serves as an Oenologist and teaches in Viticulture and Enology vacation training programs.

Mariam Khomasuridze's influence in the world of wine extends beyond the classroom and into the realm of international wine competitions. As a seasoned judge, she has lent her discerning palate to esteemed events such as the Berlin Wine Trophy, Emozioni dal Mondo, Concorso Enologico Internazionale, Eurasia Wine & Spirit competition, and the Black Sea Region Wine and Spirit Contest. Her commitment to promoting and recognizing excellence in winemaking is further demonstrated through her participation as a judge in various National Wine Competitions, including the Bolnisi PDO Wine Competition and the Imeruli Wine Competition.

In addition to her practical experience, Mariam Khomasuridze has contributed significantly to the academic side of the wine industry. She has authored 19 scientific articles and several textbooks, including "Wine Faults and Flaws" and "Technology of Vodka." Her dedication to advancing knowledge in the field is evident in her comprehensive works that cover various aspects of winemaking.

Mariam's impact on the world of wine is not only confined to Georgia but has resonated globally through her participation in international competitions and collaborations. Her commitment to excellence, both in education and evaluation, makes Mariam Khomasuridze a respected figure in the world of Oenology and a key influencer in the continued growth and development of the Georgian wine industry.

Mariam Khomasuridze