Benadda Kouider




CEO / Champagne Buyer

Ben Kouider is a seasoned Champagne educator, dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of the Champagne world for both consumers and professionals alike. With a wealth of specialized knowledge in Champagne, Ben has completed rigorous training programs, including the CIVC training, the Master Champagne program with the WSG, and the WSET program.

What sets Ben's expertise apart is his hands-on experience gained through extensive travels to wine regions across Europe. Immersing himself in the heart of Champagne, Ben has spent invaluable time with cellar masters and growers, participating in every aspect of the winemaking process from pruning to harvest. It's this practical knowledge, acquired firsthand in the vineyards and cellars, that truly enriches his understanding of Champagne.

Passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights, Ben actively engages with his audience through social media platforms like Instagram, where he provides free education on Champagne under the handle @benchampagnes.

Presently, Ben conducts Masterclasses globally, offering enthusiasts and professionals a deeper appreciation for Champagne. Additionally, he serves as a respected judge at the IWSC in London, contributing his expertise to evaluating sparkling wines.

Driven by a vision to elevate the wine market and enhance wine lists in Dubai, Ben provides invaluable advice to top importers and head sommeliers. Through his dedication and expertise, Ben Kouider continues to shape the world of Champagne education and appreciation, one glass at a time.

Benadda Kouider