Clara Rubin


Hawksmoor Restaurants


Wine Director

Clara Rubin is a distinguished figure in the wine industry, renowned for her expertise, passion, and dedication to enhancing wine education and appreciation. With over a decade of experience spanning hospitality, wine, and education, Clara has established herself as a prominent 'wine-slinger', advocating for the enrichment of wine culture and knowledge.

Clara's illustrious journey in the world of wine was marked by a significant accolade in 2018 when she was honored with the prestigious Julian Brind Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Wine Industry by the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), sponsored by Waitrose. This recognition underscored Clara's unwavering commitment and contributions to the wine community.

As the National Training Manager at Berkmann Wine Cellars, Clara played a pivotal role in developing and launching Veraison: Wine Service Education, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing industry-leading training to over 4,000 individuals in frontline service roles. Her efforts not only elevated the standards of wine service but also garnered acclaim, with Berkmann being shortlisted for the Educator of the Year award by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

Furthering her impact in the wine industry, Clara served as the Head of Engagement for Red Squirrel Wine/Graft Wine Co., where she spearheaded the launch of the Graft Wine Co. app, revolutionizing access to wine information and podcast interviews for customers and trade associates alike.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Clara's commitment to advancing wine education is evident through her role as a certified WSET Educator, empowering individuals to deepen their understanding and appreciation of wine.

Clara's passion for sharing her wealth of wine knowledge is evident in her multifaceted career, characterized by roles as a consultant sommelier, presenter, and educator. Her strategic thinking, innovative approach, and results-oriented mindset have made her a driving force in the premium wine sector.

With a diverse background encompassing strategic leadership, operational excellence, and impactful training initiatives, Clara Rubin continues to inspire and educate wine enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of the wine industry. As Head of Wine at Hawksmoor Restaurants, Clara brings her unparalleled expertise and genuine passion to curate exceptional wine experiences, enriching the palates and minds of patrons with each sip.

Clara Rubin