Camille Vidal


La Maison Wellness


Founder & Director

Founder of the mindful drinking brand and creative consultancy La Maison Wellness, Camille has spent her career as a consultant and global brand ambassador most notably for St- Germain and the Bacardi family of brands. She is internationally recognised as a leading voice in the drinks industry and now combines her craft and expertise into the no/low ABV category. Vidal, and La Maison Wellness are now focused on their own mindful mission to guide brands and organisations to drink well and elevate wellbeing and mindfulness in hospitality and wellness. Native to South of France, Vidal is highly inspired by the French Joie de vivre. These days, you will find her travelling the world as an advocate for mindful drinking, cocktail creator, keynote speaker, creative consultant, yoga & meditation teacher and wellness supporter empowering people to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Author of two books How To Drink French Fluently and How To Spritz French, her expertise in the industry has helped her grow the home of the healthy hedonist and inspiration for living well; La Maison Wellness.

Camille has a big Instagram following (Instagram: 22.6K) and is seen as an influencer in the no/low sector.

Camille Vidal