Rose Brookman


The Mixing Class


Lecturer & Course Coordinator

Rose started her career in hospitality working in bars across the UK but found her love for spirits at Amoeba Craft Beer and Cocktail Bar in Bristol.  She became passionate about competition bartending which led to the re-establishment of the Midnight Cocktail Club, a monthly peer judged bartending competition that grew exponentially to be the biggest independent competition in the UK, training and pushing young bartenders to learn and excel at their craft.


Rose moved to the other side of the bar and joined East London Liquor Company (ELLC) where she started in Sales for the South West, moving to Tour Manager and finally Lead Educator, where her passion for education grew through industry brand training, consumer tours, and teaching the WSET course to industry partners.


More recently Rose has fallen in love with Japanese spirits studying to become an Awamori Jinbner as part of a scheme by the Japanese Tax Agency to help encourage global recognition of the spirit category.


She joined Hannah at The Mixing Class in October 2020 having qualified to teach the Level 2 and Level 3 WSET Spirits courses, and having a genuine passion for both the people of the industry and education within it; Rose aims to help those on the course to grow into future stars, pushing the category forward as a whole.

Rose Brookman