Matthew Horsley


Wine Society


Wine Buyer

Matthew Horsley, the accomplished Wine Buyer at The Wine Society, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the dynamic world of wine retail. Joining the renowned UK-based online retailer in 2013, Matthew has played a pivotal role in curating an exceptional selection of wines, focusing on regions such as South Africa, England, Greece, and Hungary.

A graduate in Philosophy, Matthew's journey into the wine industry was not a calculated career move but rather a natural progression driven by a deep-seated familial connection to wine. Raised in an environment where wine was an integral part of family life, Matthew's early exposure to vineyards and wineries during holidays set the stage for his future endeavors.

Having started at The Wine Society in a temporary role, Matthew's dedication and passion quickly led to a permanent position. Over the years, he has transitioned through various roles within the organization, showcasing both his adaptability and commitment. Since 2017, he has been an integral part of the Buying Department, where he oversees the selection of wines from specific regions.

A significant milestone in Matthew's career came in 2023 when he achieved the esteemed title of Master of Wine. His successful completion of both the theory and practical exams on his first attempt underscored his deep understanding of the complexities of the wine world. Currently, he is engaged in crafting his Master of Wine research paper, further solidifying his commitment to continuous learning and mastery in his field. 

In 2023, Matthew's contributions to the online retail landscape were recognized with the prestigious Online Wine Buyer of the Year award at the London Wine Fair Awards. This accolade highlighted his excellence in navigating the digital wine marketplace, a testament to his strategic insights and keen understanding of consumer preferences.

Matthew Horsley