Victoria Mason


Bordeaux Index


Senior Fine Wine Buyer

Victoria Mason's journey through the world of wine has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to mastering her craft. With a distinguished career spanning over a decade, Victoria's expertise in fine wines, particularly Australian varietals, has solidified her reputation as a discerning and knowledgeable professional in the industry.


As the Senior Fine Wine Buyer at Bordeaux Index, Victoria brings a wealth of experience and insight to her role. Her tenure as a wine buyer for a leading retailer, where she specialized in Australian wines, provided her with invaluable expertise in sourcing and selecting exceptional vintages. Victoria's keen understanding of market trends and consumer preferences has been instrumental in guiding Bordeaux Index's portfolio towards new heights of success.


Victoria's dedication to continuous learning and professional development is evident in her pursuit of the esteemed Master of Wine qualification. With her research focused on regenerative viticulture, Victoria is at the forefront of exploring innovative and sustainable practices within the wine industry, positioning Bordeaux Index as a leader in the field of environmental stewardship.


Victoria's passion for wine extends beyond the confines of her professional responsibilities. She is deeply involved in the global wine community, regularly participating in industry events, tastings, and seminars. Her extensive network of contacts within the wine world allows her to forge strategic partnerships and secure exclusive offerings for Bordeaux Index's discerning clientele.


Under Victoria's leadership, Bordeaux Index continues to uphold its reputation as a premier destination for fine wines, offering a curated selection of rare and sought-after vintages from around the world. Her unwavering dedication to quality, coupled with her innovative approach to wine procurement and her commitment to sustainability, ensures that Bordeaux Index remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving wine market.


In Victoria Mason, Bordeaux Index has found a visionary leader whose expertise, passion, and dedication continue to drive the company towards new heights of success in the dynamic world of fine wines.
Victoria Mason