Meeghan Murdoch


Sagasu Drinks

Meeghan has over 25 years in the drinks industry. During this time, she has travelled the world working in the business that she is passionate about: the production of spirits, wine and beer.

Leaving her homeland Canada in 1990 after university, she travelled to Japan - it was here that she was introduced to the world of drinks when she landed a job learning to make Sake.

Following this, Meeghan gained a wide range of experience within the wine and spirits trade in the UK by working within retailing, importing and exporting, as well as buying. At this time she was also invited to join the highly esteemed IWSC & IWC wine and spirits judging panels.

In 2011 she obtained her degree in viticulture in and oenology at Plumpton College, which lead her to travel again - this time to the Mosel region of Germany, as well as France and New Zealand - to put her studies into practice as a winemaker.

After mastering the grape, she trained in the grain - becoming firstly a brewer, then a distiller and consultant within the beer and spirits industry.

Most recently Meeghan has been contract distilling and running operations for various companies and has completed the General Certificate in Distilling course with the IBD concentrating on the production of Whisky.

Photo by Joby Catto
Meeghan Murdoch