Rebecca Ohayon Gergely


Acker Wines


Senior Wine Buyer

Rebecca, a Paris native, embarked on her wine journey in 2006 after obtaining a Master's degree in Economics from the Sorbonne. Her serendipitous entry into the world of wine occurred during a stint in California, following her partner. Working for a French wine importer, Rebecca discovered her lifelong passion for wine despite having no prior knowledge about it.

Upon returning to France, she delved deeper into the wine industry, serving as an export manager for several French wineries. In 2011, Rebecca relocated to London, where she honed her skills in sales and wine buying. Her career trajectory saw her working for premium UK agents and merchants, including roles focused on wine procurement.

In May 2024, Rebecca is set to join Acker Wines, the oldest US fine wine merchant and auction house, as a Senior Buyer based in their London office. Throughout her journey, Rebecca has exhibited a genuine passion for wine and a keen sense of humor. She thrives on learning and engaging in discussions about all aspects of the wine world.

Rebecca's diverse experiences, from working with French wineries to establishing her own wine supply company, La Marchande, have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Her commitment to excellence and continuous learning underscores her reputation as a respected figure in the world of wine buying.

Rebecca Ohayon Gergely