Greg Sherwood MW


Museum Wines


Fine Wine Director

Greg Sherwood MW, a global ambassador for fine wine, hails from Pretoria, South Africa, where his wine journey began during a diplomatic upbringing. His exposure to diverse cultures and cuisines alongside his parents fostered a deep appreciation for wine. Despite earning a Business Management and Marketing degree from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, Greg's true passion for wine emerged. In 2000, he obtained his Diploma from the esteemed Cape Wine Academy in Johannesburg, marking the start of his dedicated pursuit of viticulture and oenology.

Relocating to London in 2000, Greg immersed himself in the global fine wine trade, refining his palate and expertise among industry luminaries. His dedication led him to achieve the prestigious Master of Wine title in 2007, culminating with a dissertation focused on Method Cap Classique production in South Africa's renowned Constantia Valley.

Today, Greg serves as a Fine Wine Buyer and Consultant for Museum Wines, further enhancing his expertise in the field. He is also a respected columnist for and Decanter Magazine, sharing insights and expertise worldwide. Additionally, Greg serves as a senior judge at esteemed competitions like the IWSC, where his discerning palate is highly valued.

Greg's profound passion for South African wines has made him a trusted authority in the field, with intimate knowledge of the region's terroir, varietals, and producers. His journey from diplomat's son to Master of Wine exemplifies unwavering dedication and expertise, inviting enthusiasts to join him on a journey into the world's most exquisite vintages.
Greg Sherwood MW