Igor Sotric


China Tang at Dorchester


Wine Buyer

Igor Sotric, boasting over 25 years in the wine industry, embarked on his journey after graduating in microbiology. His illustrious career includes the role of head sommelier and wine buyer at China Tang within the prestigious Dorchester Hotel since 2008. Holding a WSET diploma, Igor is deeply involved in winemaking, producing Chardonnay in Goriska Brda, Slovenia, since 2009.

At China Tang, Igor curates an eclectic wine list that harmonizes classics with emerging labels, catering to a diverse clientele, from A-list celebrities to hotel guests. His consulting engagements extend to several restaurants, reflecting his passion for promoting lesser-known wines and exploring new trends.

Moreover, Igor's expertise extends to judging at esteemed competitions like the IWSC, where he evaluates wines blind, showcasing his discerning palate and industry acumen.

His dedication to expanding wine horizons transcends his professional endeavors, as he actively seeks opportunities to elevate the wine experience for enthusiasts and novices alike. Through his work, Igor fosters a culture of exploration and appreciation, guiding consumers to discover hidden gems and appreciate the nuances of winemaking.

In his role at China Tang, Igor navigates the intersection of tradition and innovation, curating a wine selection that complements the restaurant's classic Cantonese cuisine while embracing global influences. He embraces collaborations with key suppliers and distributors to enhance the restaurant's offerings, ensuring a seamless fusion of quality and diversity.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Igor's commitment to sustainability and community engagement underscores his holistic approach to the wine industry. He strives to leave a lasting impact, not only through his curated wine selections but also through his advocacy for environmentally conscious practices and meaningful partnerships within the wine community.

Igor Sotric