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Panel Chair

Charles Maxwell

Charles Maxwell



Chair Judge

Born into a family which has an unbroken connection with gin distilling in London since the late 17th century, when his 8th Great Grandfather was apprenticed to a member of the Worshipful Co of Distillers in the City of London, and of which he was elected Master in 2008.

He has been a judge for spirits for the IWSC for over 15 years, and sits on the spirits judging committee.

He is a Director of The Gin Guild, a body set up by the Worshipful Co in 2012 to promote premium distilled gins, and which in 2014 presented him the first Lifetime Achievement Award for services to the gin industry.

He personally has worked in the Spirit and Wine industry for some 43 years, the last 22 at the helm of Thames Distillers which provides a unique service creating, distilling and bottling gins in London along with vodka, rum and other spirits drinks . Currently he claims to have over 120 different gin recipes on the books, several of which have won medals in the International Wine and Spirits Competition over the years.

When not distilling gin Charles enjoys motoring in an assortment of classic cars which stretch from a 1933 Railton to a 1993 Lamborghini.