Trophy profile: Max Mann Pinot Blanc 2019

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Thu 18 Mar 2021

By Stuart Peskett

Riesling may make most of the headlines when it comes to German wine, but Pinot Blanc (aka Weissburgunder) is starting to make waves. It’s an aromatic, characterful variety that varies between elegant and mineral-tinged all the way to full, rich oakiness.

Pinot Blanc is taken very seriously in Germany, where it’s regarded as a high-class, food-friendly variety. One of its best exponents is Max Mann, a producer based in Rheinhessen, a region bordered by Rheingau to the north, Pfalz to the south and Nahe to the west.

Mann makes wines across all three regions, including Rheinhessen Riesling and Pinot Noir in Pfalz, but its the Pinot Blanc 2019 from the Nahe (pictured above) that has won an IWSC Trophy this year. Bottled under screwcap at a modest 12% abv, this is what the IWSC judges thought of it: “A supremely elegant nose of white flowers and orange zest with malty characters, focused mineral top notes and scant salinity. Fully realised palate displaying ripe stone fruits, apple, lime juice and delicate spice balanced by fresh acidity and yeasty undertones.”

Max Mann Winemaker Dominik Meyer

Here, winemaker Dominik Meyer explains the Max Mann approach to winemaking, and why German wine should be on everyone’s lips.

Tell us about the history and background of Max Mann…

Max Mann was a wine trader/negociant based in Trier/Mosel. His company was taken over by the Moselland cooperative. The Max Mann range was created as an export range built on the value of its founder – a mid-tier priced range of modernly vinified authentic German varietals.

What is your winemaking philosophy?

To create modern, fresh and affordable wines, and to show the world the modern side of German wines: dry, elegant and extremely good value for money.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given and how did you use that in your winemaking?

Quality will prove itself every time. Focus on quality and it will be your best marketing tool.

How can people best enjoy your wine?

It works equally well on its own as a social drink or to accompany light dishes.