The IWSC announces it is bringing its international awards to Turkey

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Thu 6 Apr 2023

In partnership with Tuğrul Şavkay Turkish Wines Competition, the IWSC will be bringing its international awards and experts to Turkey in June.

The Tuğrul Şavkay Turkish Wines Competition, organized by Turkey's Wine Lovers Association (Şarap Dostları Derneği), is Turkeys’ most comprehensive competition and honours its late founder, Tuğrul Savkay.

The IWSC’s award judging will take place in parallel with the competition on Saturday 3 June.

Renowned wine consultant and Master of Wine, Sarah Abbott will be overseeing the judging panels, which will include Rebecca Palmer (Associate Director & Buyer at Corney & Barrow Ltd), Salvatore Castano (On-Trade Advisor & Wine Buyer at Friarwood), Journalist & Broadcaster, David Kermode, Consultant and Writer, Alistair Cooper MW and Buying Consultant Cat Lomax.  

By bringing the IWSC’s awards to Turkey, the judging experts will be provided a unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Turkey's culture and showcase its wine scene, people, places, and wines.

The IWSC's internationally renowned awards will also give Turkish wine producers the opportunity to bring their wines to the global stage, building recognition and understanding of the quality and heritage of wines from Turkey. Benefits of entering the awards include local delivery to Istanbul, inclusion in the IWSC’s 2023 award communication campaign, and access to a panel of internationally renowned wine judges.

Entry to the awards is £129*, and the deadline for entry is 3 May 2023. Judging will take place on June 3, with results being announced to producers on 4 June and shared on the IWSC website to a global audience from Wednesday 7 June.

Discover further information including how to enter here.

For producers, importers and distributors who would like to hear more about this judging opportunity, please join our Zoom call on Wednesday 12 April at 10.00 (UK), 12.00 (Turkey) - link here.


*An additional admin fee, an equalivent of £40 in Turkish Lira will be paid directly to Tuğrul Şavkay Turkish Wines Competition upon completion of entry to the IWSC.