IWSC 2023 Turkey wine results announced

Wine news

Wed 7 Jun 2023

By Mila Gorchakova

The IWSC headed to Istanbul to judge our 2023 Turkish Wine Awards, in partnership with Tuğrul Şavkay Turkish Wines Competition. Master of Wines, Sarah Abbott and Alistair Cooper, oversaw the entire judging, with six of the IWSC’s international judging experts, Salvatore Castano, Rebecca Palmer, David Kermode, Cat Lomax, Isa Bal MS and Richard Lewis, joining forces with local Turkish wine experts to taste over 270 wines entered from all over Turkey.

Sarah Abbott MW is a veteran IWSC Judging Committee member and has a wealth of knowledge about Turkey. Sarah commented, “I have such a positive impression of Turkish wines following our judging. I have been coming to Turkey for 10 years now, and compared to the first time I came, the overall quality, consistency and diversity is much greater. The work that has been going on in the Turkish wine industry for the last 10 years is really starting to pay off.”

With over 60 grape varietals entered into the awards, judge Cat Lomax, drinks retailer consultant, noted, “The UK and UK retailers have so much to discover from Turkey. The sheer number of grape varieties Turkey are producing is staggering, from indigenous to international, it was like tasting the grapes of the world in a day.” Judging Committee member, Alistair Cooper MW also commented, “I have been very impressed by the wines we have tasted, the indigenous varieties have been a particular highlight, showing the diversity of terroir that Turkey has to offer.”

5 gold medals were awarded to outstanding wines. Additionally, 44 silver medals were awarded and 131 bronze medals. Full results can be viewed here.


2023 Gold Medal Winners from Turkey