Cherubino awarded with IWSC 2023 White Wine Producer Trophy

Wine news

Thu 19 Oct 2023

By Mila Gorchakova

We are delighted to announce Cherubino, one of the leading wineries in Western Australia, as the winner of our 2023 White Wine Producer Trophy.

Founded by Edwina and Larry Cherubino in 2005, Cherubino Wines have made a remarkable journey from negotiants to vineyard owners and to running their own winery. In recent years, their hard work and commitment to ethical farming principles brought them a well-deserved reputation as a fine wine producer, said our judges.

After acquiring their first vineyards, Larry and Edwina spent 2 decades working to rejuvenate the land which was affected by the wine industry's rapid expansion in the late 1990s. Farmers at heart, their strong focus has always been on the health of the soil. Therefore, they have been following organic and biodynamic practices: mulching, use of organic & biodynamic certified fertilisers, use of natural predators to combat insect pests and many others.

The 2023 marked a major milestone for Cherubino Wines: after years of using a leased facility they have acquired their own winery.  “Finally, after 20 years of effort, we're thrilled to possess this vital piece of the puzzle and are both excited about the future and mindful of the challenges and responsibilities of ownership,” shared Larry Cherubino.

Our judges appreciated how, in recent years, Cherubino shifted towards lighter, fresher wine styles. To do so, they focused on cooler regions which allow for better acidity retention. In the winery, they avoid over-maceration of berries for both red and white wines, and have minimised the use of small oak barrels.

“Customers now demand provenance, value authenticity in the wines they purchase. Less oak and wines with a lighter touch, offering fragrance, vibrancy, without sacrificing flavour, are important. All these decisions are not made in the winery but are driven in the vineyards through canopy management, irrigation strategies and coupled with varietal and clonal selections, from the ground up wines are borne and fined tunned,” revealed Larry Cherubino.

Cherubino’s medal performance in 2023 proves that they have chosen the right approach. With 4 gold (all of them awarded to their stellar Chardonnays), 7 silver and 5 bronze medals, Cherubino are one of this year’s leaders in the overall medal count.

Congratulations to the team at Cherubino.