The world's best gins for making gin & tonics

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Mon 19 Oct 2020

Today we're raising a glass in celebration of International Gin & Tonic Day. The G&T is undoubtedly one of the most well-known mixed drinks in the world and - what's more - it's British.

Quinine was first used to ward off malaria in the 1600s. It was added to tonic water some 250 years later, lending the distinctive bitter taste, and it wasn't long before British expats in India started adding gin to their tonic to create the very first G&Ts. 

The recent craft gin boom has not only created an astonishing range of innovative, high-quality gins made all over the world, it has also given rise to a complementary category of super-premium tonic waters and mixers that both match the quality of the spirit and also complement its botanicals.

Winning this year's Gin & Tonic Trophy for its ideal pairing with Double Dutch's Indian Tonic is Hernö Old Tom Gin which the judges found to have an amazing 'floral palate with complex notes of citrus and spice'.

The G&T is a classic drink that's more popular than ever thanks to the craft gins and tonics made all over the world. Here are five of the world's best gins from the 2020 IWSC.

Hernö Old Tom Giniwsc-top-gin-and-tonic-1.png
Hernö Gin

Floral on the palate with complex notes of citrus & spice. Sweet liquorice flavours lead to a bitter cassia finish. 43% ABV £35 from Master of Malt

London Dry Giniwsc-gin-and-tonic-1.png
Elephant Gin

Classic London Dry Gin with a well-focused set of aromas and a cool, rounded palate with an oily texture. It is creamy and fresh, with a nice balance between spices and other botanicals. 45% ABV £31 from Elephant Gin

Apple & Hibiscus Giniwsc-top-gin-and-tonic-2.png
58 Gin

Bright apple and raspberry notes on the nose with sweet apple on the palate. The spirit provides a slight bite. 43% ABV £36 from Craft Gin Club

Bossieveld Inspiration Craft Giniwsc-top-gin-and-tonic-3.png
Great Karoo Spirit
South Africa

Subtle aromas of spice, citrus and herbs, complimented by a good mouthfeel and lovely juniper flavour. 43% ABV n/a in UK

Kalas Slåen Sloe Giniwsc-gin-and-tonic-5.png
Destilleriet Als

Big sloe flavour intermingled with fresh cherry, black tea leaves and a nutty almond finish. 28% ABV n/a in UK

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