Top 5 English whiskies

Spirit news

Thu 23 Apr 2020

While the bulk of the world’s most renowned whiskies hail from Scotland, it’s not the only place in Britain to make the spirit. More and more English distilleries are popping up in all corners of the country, from Cornwall to the Lake District, and with styles from single malt to rye malt to blends.

Whether or not English whisky will establish its own style remains to be seen, says John McCarthy, head distiller at Adnams, whose Rye Malt Whisky was rated an outstanding 98 points by IWSC experts last year. “I think it will be a few years before English whisky becomes a style,” McCarthy says. “Some distilleries in England are copying Scotland, while others are ploughing their own furrow.”

Today, in celebration of St George’s Day, we present five top-scoring whiskies from IWSC 2020, all distilled in England.


Find out more about English whisky from Adnams head distiller John McCarthy: