The new spirits trends set to ‘tipple’ the status quo

Spirit news

Wed 26 Jul 2017

World-renowned International Wine and Spirit Competition reveals its spirits winners of 2017

  • No-age whiskies challenge Scotch traditions
  • Asia’s spirits explode on to world stage
  • Mezcal takes its rightful place next to Tequila
  • Gin sees an entry increase of nearly 600% in just two years

London, 27th July 2017: The IWSC’s Annual Spirits Tasting has lifted the lid on the key trends shaping what we’ll be drinking in the year ahead. The annual event, held last night at London’s Vintners’ Hall, saw more than 200 of the competition’s top-awarded spirits showcased to guests and judges, amid a record number of entries, in the history of the competition, from all over the globe.

The final results have revealed exciting shifts in the spirits occupying our bars and drinks cabinets. Not only has this year’s competition confirmed a number of key consumer trends, it has also heralded the arrival of a multitude of lesser-known, but bold newcomers to the spirits premier league.

Now in its 48th year, the IWSC continues to be as relevant today as when Anton Massel founded the organisation in 1969, playing an integral role inidentifying upcoming spirits trends, and spotting key newcomers even before they hit the public eye. Having distilled the statistics from this year’s competition, the IWSC has identified four of the most ‘in-vogue’ categories that consumers can raise a glass to.

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