Ragnaud Sabourin awarded IWSC’s 2023 Brandy Producer Trophy

Spirit news

Thu 19 Oct 2023

By Kristen Dougall

We’re delighted to award Ragnaud Sabourin the IWSC 2023 Brandy Producer Trophy, sponsored byTalis.

Ragnaud Sabourin is a Cognac family-owned estate since 1850, with 35 hectares located exclusively in France, Charente, Grande Champagne, Cognac’s most qualitative cru. The brand has characteristic of being both vine grower, distiller and brand owner, producing only the best quality in limited quantities, thus perpetuating the great family tradition of craftsmanship.

Our judges valued Ragnaud Sabourin’s ability to maintain their tradition, something that sets the brand apart from others. They are an established Cognac brand that have shown real consistency in what they strive to produce. It was no surprise to our judges that Ragnaud Sabourin’s N° 4 VS Cognac took home our 2023 Cognac Trophy with an impressive 98 points awarded. The judges praised the cognac’s “Intriguing bright floral nose, white grapes and lifted apricot characteristics combining on the palate with leather, lemon rind and juicy fruit flavours. Well-balanced spirit with oak influence showing attractive and refreshing profile and good concentration ending on a chewy finish.” An impressive achievement in a younger blend, where there is little room to hide or mask defaults, thus further demonstrating to our judges the high standards Ragnaud Sabourin hold themselves to.

For a spirit steeped in so much history, it has challenges and limitations to how much innovation can exist in Cognac production, but Ragnaud Sabourin has really stepped up their game and continue to engage within the market and prove themselves as an established Cognac producer.

Congratulations to Ragnaud Sabourin.