IWSC 2023 Spirits Awards: Tequila & Mezcal

Spirit news

Wed 29 Mar 2023

Another popular category for the IWSC and one which several of our judges highlighted seeing impressive quality and plenty of innovation.

Tequila saw a surge in popularity during the pandemic as people looking for ways to enjoy a night out at home. A great spirit for incorporating into cocktails, at-home mixology gave consumers a chance to explore the different flavours and versatility of tequila.

The trend towards more natural and artisanal products has also played a role in the growing popularity of tequila. Many tequila brands are now producing their tequila using traditional methods and organic agave, which appeals to consumers looking for high-quality, authentic products. Plus we cannot ignore the rise of social media has also helped tequila gain popularity, with influencers and celebrities promoting different tequila brands on their platforms.

This year entries to the Tequila and Mezcal categories took home 10 Gold Outstanding, 26 Gold,  51 Silver and 57 Bronze medals.

Gold outstanding medal winners:





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