IWSC 2023 Spirits Awards: Rum

Spirit news

Wed 29 Mar 2023

The Rum category is without a doubt one of the most exciting spirits categories at the moment and is undergoing a real revolution. The IWSC received rum entries from 48 countries this year, highlighting the increasing diversification of the category.

Rum is no longer seen as a value spirit, consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for high-quality, premium rums – and the IWSC has seen increasing numbers of premium and super-premium rum enter its awards. The range of styles of rums we are seeing is developing too, with distilleries experimenting with new flavours, production methods, and aging techniques. The growth in the number of countries producing rum also reflects the interest of consumers to buy local, which has led to an emergence of small, independent distilleries and a focus on regional flavours and ingredients.

Entries awarded a medal in this year’s awards include 8 Gold Outstanding, 29 Gold, 84 Silver and 164 Bronze medal winners.

Gold Outstanding medal winners: 


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