IWSC 2023 Spirits Awards: Mixer Awards

Spirit news

Wed 29 Mar 2023

This year Franklin & Sons was announced as the sponsor for our spirit and mixer awards.  Our Senior Judging Committee member was Shannon Tebay and when asked about our new mixer sponsor commented: “The quality is excellent. It's very consistent. It's very mixable, very user friendly. Within their range, the flavoured tonics and sodas are outstanding, really creative combinations and very well done.”

Summarising the performance of the entries to this year’s spirit and mixer awards, Shannon adds: “For these awards this year we had a good handful of gold medal winners across all categories.”

“There were some great surprises in the new rum category… the Mezcal and tonics to me were really, really interesting and kind of fun to think about. Naturally, [given the number of entries] there were a high number of gin and tonics medal winners.

“Whiskey high balls are always a favourite of mine, and we ended up with some really, really outstanding finishers in the Gold category. There were loads of entries in this category this year and a very diverse range of styles.”

The 2023 gold medal winners in the Mixer Awards category, sponsored by Franklin & Sons are: 

Gin & Tonic Mixer Awards – Gold medals


Vodka & Tonic Mixer Awards – Gold medals


Whisky Highball Mixer Awards – Gold medals


Rum & Tonic Mixer Awards – Gold medal


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