Gyre & Gimble awarded IWSC’s 2023 UK Gin Producer Trophy

Spirit news

Thu 19 Oct 2023

By Kristen Dougall

We’re delighted to award Gyre & Gimble the IWSC 2023 UK Gin Producer Trophy, sponsored by The Gin Guild.

Gyre & Gimble began in late 2019 between two friends who worked together at a previous distillery. The idea of operating a creative and innovative cocktail bar that could transpire into the production of gin was the draw. The thought process was to highlight a ‘closed loop’ system, where waste from their distillery was used in their bar, to make it zero waste.

Our judges were greatly impressed by Gyre & Gimble, not only are their products of course award winning, but they challenge the traditional flavours of gin, from their Pinot Noir Gin which took home a gold medal and 95 points, which uses waste pomace from wineries in the region near the Norfolk distillery to create a zero waste gin, to their Coastal Gin that received a silver medal, using foraged botanicals from the Norfolk Coast line.

The brand’s gins showcase their innovativeness, but what also caught our judges’ attention was their commitment to sustainability. They launched their carboard bottle in 2022, working with a company based only 30 miles away from the distillery, and what is still the world’s only cardboard bottle.

As a company they have shown real tenacity and triumphed in the face of adversity. The inception of the brand was shortly followed by the most challenging time, Covid19, but the team worked hard and were able to come out the other side even bigger, with our judges commenting that “they weren’t just surviving but thriving”. The judges commended Gyre & Gimble’s commitment to their consumers, utilising their gin experiences and tastings as a way to directly interact with their customers and showcase their portfolio.

Our judges believe that Gyre & Gimble are a great example for others across the gin industry and “that there is a lot to admire about this impressive team”.

Congratulations to Gyre & Gimble.