Grainshaker awarded IWSC’s 2023 Vodka Producer Trophy

Spirit news

Thu 19 Oct 2023

By Kristen Dougall

We’re delighted to award Grainshaker the IWSC 2023 Vodka Producer Trophy.

Grainshaker is a modern Australian vodka brand, working with Australian farmers to create world-class vodkas from corn, wheat and rye grains. “We care about people caring about vodka.” In a competitive spirits market like Australia is, Grainshaker proactively celebrate the provenance of their vodka, all within the context of the flavour. “Grainshaker is made from Australian grains, grown by Australian farmers, distilled by hand through copper pot still.”

The “grain-to-glass” movement has been making waves for many years, and our judges believe that Grainshakers are the leaders in it. They proactively promote it in everything they do, “It may be more time consuming, more expensive to make but we believe that drinkers deserve better.”

Grainshaker impressed our judges with their continuous commitment to flavour, working with customers to innovate and ensure they are delivering the products that consumers want. Vodka is not an easy spirit to make, and make well, vodka is more than just a vehicle for alcohol. Our judges appreciated Grainshaker’s passion for the raw materials that go into their vodka. From just 3 based spirits, Grainshaker has been able to make award-winning vodka. Our judges were particularly impressed by their Wheat Vodka, awarding it a high gold with 98 points and commenting that it was “A stylish and versatile spirit. Light in body and gently warming, the palate shows great purity. Fresh citrus notes provide lift and balance amid the creamy mouthfeel. Very smooth offering showing good character on the finish."

Congratulations to Grainshaker.